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The Redemption of River (Sex in Seattle #4)


 Title: The Redemption of River  (Sex in Seattle #4)
Author: Eli Easton
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Pinkerton Road LLC
Heat Level:   3 Flames
Overall Rating:  3.5 hearts

Synopsis via GoodReads:     River Larsen is a world traveler, truth-seeker, and tantric healer. He’s a master of loving all—and no one. Both his past and his spiritual path warn him against attachment. When he falls for his surrogacy client and coffee magnate, Brent McKay, River tells himself it’s a temporary idyll, a beautiful encounter they’ll both enjoy and move on from like two ships passing in the stream of life. Except his heart misses that memo.

Brent McKay hasn’t been interested in sex since his wife died two years ago. When he goes to Expanded Horizons sex clinic in Seattle for help, he meets River Larsen, a sex surrogate specializing in reiki massage and tantric sex therapy. Brent never expected to be interested in a man, but River’s light-filled spirit, inner peace, and electric touch bring him back to life. Brent’s loyal heart is ready to commit again. But how can he convince River that love can last forever—if you just have faith? 

Review:  3.5 stars. I really wanted to love this one given all the high reviews I’ve seen. And it’s not that I didn’t like it, I just didn’t love it. I’m definitely in the minority though. Everyone but me has loved it.

I loved River, his gentle nature, his love of tantra and helping others. His belief that he was a dandelion puff. lol.

I even liked Brent too. How willing and open he was to something so very different from anything he’d known. Learning about tantra and reiki was interesting, despite no orgasms. Hard to grasp, but I’m not knocking something that I don’t know. So, there’s that. But for some reason, I just couldn’t connect enough to be moved by them. I’m not quite sure why. I’ve been sitting on this review to see if I could pinpoint something that just didn’t work for me, but yeah…

Overall, I liked it, I just didn’t love it. It was worth the read though. Odds are you’ll love it too! ♥

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