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Iris by Eden Finley

Title: Iris (Bravo Ops #1)

Author(s): Eden Finley

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Amazon/Self

Heat: 2 Flames

Rating: 2.5 Hearts

Synopsis via Goodreads:


I live for adrenaline. The thrill of the chase. And because I work for Mike Bravo, a private black-ops firm, it’s my job to go into dangerous situations.
But when we’re called in to extract a military team from a hostile situation, the thrill is so much better. Because one of those men happen to be the golden boy from my basic training days.
Brock “Saint” Harlow was a walking Captain America in the flesh. The perfect soldier.
Now my boss wants to recruit him, and I can’t wait to rub it in his face that he was rescued by me. The class clown.
I’m not called Iris “I require intense supervision” for nothing.


Military life is all I’ve known since I was born. I was raised to be a soldier.
But when a top-secret mission fails, I find myself suddenly discharged with nowhere to go.
Mike Bravo saved my life, and they want me to join them, but there’s one small problem.
Isaac “Iris” Griffin.
He’s as irresistibly snarky as he always was, only there’s a big difference this time. I’m no longer closeted or scared to live my truth. And the truth is, I’ve always wanted him.
It’s against Mike Bravo’s rules to fraternize with other team members, and I always follow orders.
But something tells me Iris might be worth the insubordination.



l really wanted to like this one more than I did.  I enjoyed it, but the pacing was off for me.  The middle was very slow. That coupled witha lack of  what I expected sort of diminished my enjoyment a little.  I’ve read several m/m romances set in special ops/military worlds and they are full of action and danger.  This one really didn’t have that.  There were scenes at the beginning and ending of the book, but not much in the middle.  I don’t expect realism here, but like I said usually more thrills.  It was a more character driven story, which is fine, just not what I was expecting.

That said, some of the characters were kind of cookie cutter in that there wasn’t much difference to them other than their names. And too much damn banter.  No circle of friends talks like that all the time.  At one point I just wanted to say give it a rest already.  I did like the boss Trav though, and I’m pretty sure that his book will be the next one out.  The clues were about as subtle as a brick. We’ll see if it’s a keeper or not.

That said, this author is one that I have enjoyed in the past, repeatedly.  Her Diversion series is a favorite, and her recent hockey series is good so far.  This one, was just mediocre for me.  There are many other authors that have done this type of setting so much better. However, it could be that I read it out of order. Who knows? As I understand it, Iris is a character that is well known in her Famous series, so perhaps I should have read that one first but it didn’t really spark my interest at the time. Military men do it for me; what can I say? 😉 

Overall, it’s a good start to a new series that I will likely continue.  Perhaps it was just bad timing on my part. 


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