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The Vampires Club Series (Parts 1 – 7) by X. Aratare

Title: The Vampires’ Club

(Series Review Parts 1-7)

Author: X. Aratare

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Amazon/Self

Heat: 2.5 Flames

Rating: 4.5 Hearts

Synopsis via Goodreads:

Find the Wolf.

What is that supposed to mean? Those are the words Lucas Daniels hears before stumbling through the brass doors of the elegant Club Dyavol, a club that seems to appear out of nowhere. The club is his last hope of getting a job to escape his predatory stepfather’s home.

Who would dare enter a vampire’s sanctuary uninvited?

Count Konstantin “the Wolf” Volk may be weakened by a curse, but he is still a primal predator. And when he sees a young man venture into his club, bypassing all of his magical and physical protections, more than just his curiosity is aroused.

Is there more to this meeting than simple chance?

Review: What is it about vampires that so many people find so alluring? They’re sexy, powerful, and mysterious, but also dangerous killers. And yet, we gobble up stories about them. Romanticize them. Dream about them. I gotta admit, I’m no different. I love stories about vampires – for all those reasons. They’re the ultimate bad boy, which I have always had a weakness for. So much so, I married one. *shrugs*

That said, it can be difficult to find ones that are readable, let alone actually good. Especially in the m/m genre. I’ve read a ton of them, but most of them are average. I loved this one though!

Was it perfect? No. Some issues here and there. It also had far less heat than I like in my m/m, especially with vampires (some of it was quite stilted and awkward in parts. l mean, lube is pretty necessary in some of these scenes, just sayin’, but l digress.) lt didn’t lack in romance though. It was hard to believe that the timespan of this story is technically less than a week, but it feels like longer because it’s stretched out over 7 books and 969 pages (according to GoodReads). Although, it didn’t feel like I read that much honestly with the exception that it took me four days to finish it. Perhaps it’s my love of vampires and the fact that I’ve not read a story about them in quite some time. I was as starved as our vampire, Konstantin.

This one has vampires and witches and magic, oh my! lol.

Lucas is a twenty-one-year-old boy that is trying to get a job to make enough money to move out from under his predatory stepfather’s home, who is the sheriff of a neighboring town. He comes across a building that contains a bar and restaurant from what he can tell, also wealthy patrons. He sees dollar signs and heads for it. What he doesn’t know is that he is not supposed to be able to see it let alone enter. Setting foot in Club Dyavol sets off a chain of events that will end up changing Lucas’ life forever.

Konstantin is a Russian vampire who appears to be a mid-thirties man who owns Club Dyavol, which is an all-inclusive high-end sanctuary for vampires. One that has been spelled hidden to humans, except those that have been granted access. Konstantin has unfortunately been the victim of an age-old feud between his Sire, the Nomad, and Gaia, the leader of all witches. His mere creation triggered the ‘curse’ which continues to weaken and cause him endless suffering.

This is such a hard review to write because I don’t want to give too much of the story away. There would be major spoilers if I comment on various books, but know that Lucas plays a major role in Konstantin’s life. One that you don’t understand the full extent of right away. Their lives are inexplicably intertwined with each other along with the Nomad and a long-dead witch, Gaia. I loved Konstantin and Lucas as a couple. Aside from them, I loved the Nomad. He is a vampire, stronger and more powerful than them all. He is the enforcer of all vampires and Konstantin is his only ‘child.’ He has a big secret that he has kept from Konstantin for centuries. There is such animosity between him and Konstantin, but there is also so much love there too. (They are not, nor have they ever been a couple. It’s familial love and respect.)

I really can’t write an adequate review for this series.

There are a lot of twists and turns and some good action. It kept me enthralled. I didn’t want to put it down. I stayed up until wee hours reading until I fell asleep each night because I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. It grabbed me from book one and did not let go. I loved it! There are so many quotes that I would love to cite, but with 900+ pages, this review would never end. I think my favorite is this,

“When a good man loves you, he will break any rule to protect you. When a bad man loves you, there are no rules.”

– lucas, the vampire’s club, book one. ~ x. aratare

A word of warning. Every book ends on a cliffhanger, but the series is complete and all are available so have no fear. It’s a fated/soul mates story, so there is that note insta-attraction/love there, but it’s written in such a way that it didn’t both me in the slightest. I often had to remind myself that it had only been about a week’s time.

I took the day off from posting Sunday since it was my birthday and finished reading this one. It was a relaxing day with a great book. If you like vampires, I recommend you give it a try.

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